Understanding Bone Grafts

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Bone grafting is a procedure that our dentist can use to strengthen a patient’s jaw. Whether your jaw needs to be strengthened to receive a dental implant or because it has been worn down from periodontal disease, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter, however, is understanding the bone grafting process. By knowing what a bone graft is and when it’s used, you can more nimbly avoid the need to ever have a bone graft in your future.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at this lesser-known dental procedure.

What is it?
A bone graft procedure is pretty straightforward. When you visit Dr. Kolodner Dental Group Inc., our dentist will begin by assessing what areas of your jaw may need more bone in order to support whatever future work you may have. Then, Dr. Tatyana Kolodner will either take extra bone from somewhere else in your body or use a synthetic graft material, and graft it into your natural bone. After your procedure, it can take a few months for the graft to take hold and create stronger bone; the end result, however, is worth the wait.

Why would I need it?
We often get asked why someone would ever need a bone graft – especially in the jaw. The most common reason we perform a bone graft is when the jaw has poor health and will have an implant placed. Dental implants require a sturdy, healthy jaw that can handle a titanium implant. If your jaw health isn’t up to par, you may need a bone graft or choose a different way to replace lost teeth.

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