We encourage patients to visit Dr. Kolodner Dental Group Inc. regularly for oral evaluations with our dentists. If Dr. Izabella Kolodner or Dr. Tatyana Kolodner discovers an area of your mouth that looks suspicious, we may recommend that you receive a tissue biopsy in Studio City, California.

Our board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Susan J. Lee, can perform hard and soft tissue biopsies in office. This requires making a small incision to remove a tiny piece of gum tissue, tooth, or bone. Our team will keep you fully comfortable and relaxed during this procedure. The tissue with then be analyzed under a microscope to check for signs of cancer or other oral diseases. The purpose of a biopsy is to determine the cause of any abnormal lumps, lesions, or coloring in your mouth.

If the results of the biopsy indicate an oral concern, our team will begin formulating a treatment plan to address the issue as soon as possible. We will include your opinion and preferences in each phase of the plan to accommodate your personal situation and allow for the best possible results.

If you are concerned about your oral health and would like to schedule an oral exam, please contact our team at 818-761-9526 today. We would be happy to help you plan a visit to our office.