Manual Toothbrushes vs Electric Toothbrushes

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A manual toothbrush is a great tool for removing buildup on teeth. It is especially so if it is used correctly with circular brush strokes, and you remember that your teeth are not the kitchen sink! It is important to brush for a full 2 minutes, focusing on all areas of the teeth back and front, tongue and cheek sides.

The benefits of electric toothbrushes are that they are on a two-minute timer. They do appear to remove slightly more plaque versus a manual toothbrush. They are excellent for removing stains.

However, one problem that I have noticed is that some people apply excessive pressure when using an electric toothbrush, and that leads to stripping of enamel. One should gently glide the brush along the surface of teeth to get maximum benefit.

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By: Dr. Tatyana Kolodner