Four Fantastic Forms of Dental Sedation

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Did you know that dental sedation is here for everyone who seeks to enjoy the perfect dental treatment with any form of pain or discomfort? Here are four fantastic forms of dental sedation to consider:

– Gas sedatives are gases intended to be breathed in by a patient to help them relax for dental procedures. The most commonly used gas for inhaled sedatives is laughing gas, which is a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide.
– Deep sedatives are intended for intensive dental services that require the patient to be unconscious. Deep sedatives like anesthesia are extremely powerful and capable of putting a patient into a deep sleep from which they will not awake until the sedative has worn off.
– Oral sedatives are pills created to be manually swallowed by a patient to help them relax. The dosage can be manipulated with oral sedatives, but they often take up to an hour before they begin to work.
– Intravenous sedatives are inserted directly into a patient’s bloodstream. Intravenous sedatives are fast-acting and can often deliver instant results, allowing them to be used very close to the dental procedure, with minimal wait time.

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