Are Your Dietary Habits Eroding Your Teeth?

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Are your teeth showing signs of dental erosion? Could your dietary habits contribute to the corrosion of your pearly whites? It is certainly possible if you are eating foods that create harmful acids (plaque) that will actively erode tooth enamel and harm your gums.

To protect your oral health, you already know that daily careful cleaning–both brushing and flossing–combined with regular dental visits to clean your teeth and remove hardened plaque go a long way. But dental erosion can happen between dental visits if you regularly consume harmful foods and drinks. Dental erosion, left unchecked, can lead to infection of the tooth’s pulp and eventually, tooth loss.

So let’s take a brief look at the foods you are regularly consuming, and see if we can help you avoid erosion of your precious pearly whites.

-1 Do you often consume food and drinks with a low pH level? Anything with large amounts of sugar or acid create high bacterial levels which damage tooth enamel and erode the teeth. Sugary coffees, bread, pastries, etc. are all potentially harmful to your smile. If you do consume them, combine them with meals, instead of snacking on them throughout the day.

-2 You may have dental erosion of you have acid reflux which affects the acid levels in the mouth.

-3 Sticky or chewy foods tend to linger in the mouth and contribute to plaque (bacterial buildup producing acid). Limit these as much as possible, and rinse with water thoroughly afterward, if you cannot brush right away.

-4 Avoid sour foods and treats which contribute to dental erosion. This means avoiding pickled vegetables, olives, lentils. Better choices are red peppers, kale, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, and green beans are great examples of the types of vegetables that will maintain your teeth.

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