A Distressed Dental Filling Could Manifest as a Toothache

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A dentist like Drs. Izabella Kolodner, Tatyana Kolodner, Edon Hirt, or Susan Lee can often treat a single surface cavity that doesn’t affect the structural integrity or biting surface of a tooth by applying a simple dental filling. The artificial material will be securely bonded to the surrounding tooth enamel and will directly resist bacterial influence.

Unfortunately, long-term issues with poor oral hygiene can potentially start to weaken the bond between the dental filling and the surrounding tooth enamel. As it continues to progress the natural bacteria and plaque acids in your mouth can infiltrate the area causing a small area of tooth decay to develop deep behind the dental filling.

Early symptoms that this has started to occur might include a gradually worsening toothache as well as increased sensitivity. In some of these cases the surrounding tooth enamel starts to take on an unsightly shade of gray.

If you noticed any of these issues in a previously treated tooth, you need to have it examined and diagnosed by one of our skilled dentists before the tooth decay affects the root of the tooth.

After a critical examination we can help you understand your treatment options. If the area of tooth decay is still limited to the tooth’s enamel layer, our dentist might be able to perform a dental crown restoration to replace the entire tooth enamel layer.

If you live in the Studio City, California, area and you are experiencing symptoms of toothache discomfort, we invite you to call 818-761-9526 as soon as possible to have it examined the treated at Dr. Kolodner Dental Group Inc..